Reviews from participants 2019

"Investments are about understanding and managing risks. Therefore it is useful with a forum of gathered knowledge with something for every taste."

"A very well conducted conference with high quality of both speakers and participants."

"I really enjoyed the dive into topics of strategic work presented by various speakers."

"Overview of hot topics in the industry."

"Good opportunity for networking."


Among previous speakers of Risk & Return

  • Ole Christian Bech-Moen, CIO, Norwegian Oil Fund
  • Kasper Ahrndt Lorenzen, CIO, ATP
  • Mikko Mursula, CIO, Ilmarinen
  • Staffan Hansén, CEO, SPP
  • Johan Florén, Head of Communication and ESG, AP7
  • Magnus Billing, CEO, Alecta
  • Christina Olivecrona, Senior Analyst Sustainability, AP2
  • Jaap van Dam, Principal Director Investment Strategy, PGGM
  • Ingrid Albinsson, Head of Investments, AP7
  • Magnus Jonasson, Head of Asset Allocation, AMF
  • Antti Ilmanen, Ph.D., Principal, AQR
  • Hans Sterte,  CIO, Alecta
  • Roger Johanson, Partner & CEO, Carneo Alternative Solutions
  • Claes Ahrel, CEO, Telia Pensionsstiftelse
  • Hans Forssman, Senior Investment Manager Infrastructure, Skandia
  • Peder Hasslev, vd, Saminvest
  • Andreas Jensen, Senior Portfolio Manager, Alternative Investments, AP4

3 reasons to attend the conference

1. You need to keep up with the latest trends and new findings
2. You want to learn from the practitioners and experts in the forefront - an unparalleled list of speakers
3. You want to expand your professional network - all the institutional investors at the same place at the same time